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    We are a CBD brand based here in the beautiful Napa Valley, California. Our mission is to educate people on CBD and how it affects our Endocannabinoid System (ECS). We will be offering an assortment of CBD products with a mix of different delivery systems and bioavailability. Focusing on organics, best practices, and sustainability farming we source our inputs from farms and purveyors that share the same values and as locally as possible. 



    We try to source ingredients locally as much as possible. Our products are created free of additives and pollutants. And, we NEVER test on animals. 
    We’ve been working on a couple of products over the last year, and we’re kicking off our collection with a Nano CBD formulation.
    250mg of full spectrum CBD, this quickly became a favorite amongst friends and family. Just add a few drops to your favorite beverage, or take under your tongue. Nano is water soluble and fast acting.

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