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  • Full Spectrum CBD

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    Of The Valley

     We source sustainably and organically grown full hemp plant extract to craft our products, here in Napa, CA.

    Full spectrum CBD is essential when formulating the best CBD products out there. You may have heard of the entourage effect in regards to CBD and its compound cousins. There has been a decent amount of recent research that shows that these compounds (CBN, CBG + CBC, along with a trace amount of THC*) work better together. Thanks to the 2018 Farm Bill, these compounds are currently being studied for their individual properties and benefits. For example, it was recently discovered that CBN does wonders for sleeping, but does not make you drowsy. 

    Because one size (or formulation) does not fit all, it is important for us to craft our products to be inclusive – which is why we crated them full-spectrum. Because sometimes you need CBD oil for sleep but you might also want to use it for combatting stress levels during a hectic day, or pain management. 


    *Our products contain less than 0.3% THC, a tiny trace amount, and will not get you ‘high’.


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